Club Penguin Newspaper 190

Club Penguin has released the newspaper, and there’s some pretty cool stuff inside. Those huge plants Rockhopper brought have caused a lot of talk around Club Penguin lately. On June 12th, the Adventure party will start! The newspaper said it would be good to grow plants on that day.


There’s loads of new info on the 101 days of fun contest! Events planned from June 4 – 10th are planned out in the newspaper. Check them out!


Calling all ninjas! The Dojo igloo contest has begun! Decorate your igloos for a chance to win either 25,000 or 15,000 coins on Club Penguin! Winners will be announced June 13th.


Lastly, check out the upcoming events. There’s starting to be more stuff to do on Club Penguin!


We got a new pin, and a Penguin Style catalog tomorrow! Pretty sweet right? I’m not sure which I’m more excited for the pin or the Penguin Style catalog. What do you think


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