Club Penguin Upcoming Events – Music Jam, Stage Plays, Catalogs, Game Upgrades, New Rooms, and Famous Penguins!

WOW, SO MUCH IS COMING TO CLUB PENGUIN FOR SUMMER! During the next few months, Club Penguin will be loaded with tons of fun stuff to do! I managed to find this sneak peek with a lot of the new stuff coming!


Club Penguin is working really hard to make these next few months special. Sometime in July, the Music Jam will return! There also is supposedly another party too! The Mystery of the Ruby at the Stage is returning this summer! Get ready for some new costumes, and items! Of course there will be a new Penguin Style, and Better Igloos catalog every month, along with some cool new wigs!

But wait! Call in the next 20 minutes, and we’ll double supply your events on Club Penguin! LOL! Next week members will get some cool new music for the DJ3K game. There’s going to be some construction with renovations, and new places! NEW ROOMS TOO! I hear that some famous penguins are also making special appearances for the Music Jam like last year. I think Cadence, the Penguin Band, and maybe some other people are coming!

Wow, summer on Club Penguin sounds pretty sweet right now! Forget your vacations, just get on Club Penguin… not really 😉


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