Club Penguin Sensei’s Postcard About Ninja Hideout!

Check this out, the Sensei sent all the penguins a message about his special appearance!


Here’s what the Sensei had to say about the Ninja Hideout:

July 3-5

You are invited
To secret Ninja Hideout
Beside the Dojo

I will be teaching
Ninjas a new special move
I may see you there


You must be a ninja to enter the hideout.

This is so awesome! If you aren’t a ninja yet, make sure you become one soon! I wonder what the new move is. Wait, what does the Sensei mean by move? Do you think he means a new feature with the ninja gear, or a new Card-Jitsu move? Be sure to check out the poll in the sidebar. I want to know if you’re going to meet the Sensei!

Starting on July 1st, Club Penguin will be having fireworks in the skies throughout the island.


3 Responses

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