Club Penguin Now en Español !!!

¡Hola Penguins!

Do you know what that means? Club Penguin is now officially available in Spanish! It took a lot of hard work to add this new language to the community but, it’s finally here! We can now play Club Penguin in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish! Cool! Thanks, Pancakes FTW!

Here is a picture of the new Club Penguin Spanish servers.


Here are some basic English to Spanish translations for Club Penguin.

Hello! -¡Hola!
Welcome! – ¡Bienvenidos!
Congratulations! – ¡Felicitaciones!
Waddle on! – ¡A pingüinear!
You’re cool! -¡Eres genial!

So try out the new Spanish servers! See if you can understand them. Do you speak any other languages at home? I speak Spanish! Hasta la vista!


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