Remembering Sensei’s first apperance on Club Penguin

Hey Ninjas//Ninjas in training!

If you had forgot, Sensei is going to show up in the Ninja Hideout this weekend. Many of you may not know how Sensei made his first appearance on Club Penguin, so lets discuss. It was just after Halloween 2008, and storm clouds had darkened the island. The storm was fiercest on the mountaintops, and the snow-covered Dojo was struck by lightning which created a hole in the dojo!


Penguins put on there hard hats and got to work! We all got together and dug out the Dojo Courtyard and repair the hole in the Dojo roof. While working, a lot of us noticed a never before seen mysterious penguin. Many wondered who it was. It was Sensei, but we didn’t know until a couple of weeks later when Sensei revealed his identity; He had been living on Club Penguin, and had finally chosen to make himself known!


From there he sent out notices looking for penguins interested in becoming Ninjas. Then, Card Jitsu was created and about 8 months later we have tons of Black Belt ninjas who will get to meet with Sensei and learn a new move this weekend when Sensei goes around!

With that being said, Don’t forget about Pangy hoods Sensei tracker that will be online and updating with Highly accurate information when Sensei arrives July 3rd!! Visit the link for the sensei tracking page 

And dont forget about my mini party.Check it on the post below.Hope you are there

~Pangy hood


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  1. Still loving your website! I’ll keep visitng like I said I would!
    I’m having a 1,000 hits party on July 2 at 12:30 Penguin Standar Time!

    for more info check out my club penguin cheats at:

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