Club Penguin Cheats – How to Make Puffles Walk on Walls!

Hey everyone! Today I was able to find some brand new Club Penguin Cheats that are pretty cool, and I think you’ll be interested in them! Here is a Club Penguin Cheat that will allow you to make your puffles walk on your igloo walls. This cheat isn’t very difficult, but it may force you to spend some coins on. Here is the Club Penguin Cheat.

How to Make Your Puffles Walk on Igloo Walls

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a few new puffles.
  2. Go to your igloo and buy a new large igloo, like a split level igloo.
  3. Wait for most or some of your puffles to go to the upper part of your igloo.
  4. Edit your igloo and buy a basic igloo.

Once you do that, the Club Penguin Cheat should look like this:


Pretty cool new Club Penguin Cheat, right? You can do this with tons of puffles at a time. All you have to do is wait for enough to get near the upper part of the split level igloo, and then just go back to a basic igloo! Cool, right? I will soon be doing a major site update on my Club Penguin Cheats page. I will add tons of new Club Penguin Cheats, and I will remove all of the ones that do not work anymore. Keep checking back! I’ll notify you when the page gets updated.


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