Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats for July 2009





The Post image for Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats for July 2009new Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog is available. You can get it by going to your igloo and then clicking on the Edit Igloo button. The catalog has a lot of music-related items just in time to celebrate the Club Penguin Music Jam 2009 Party going on right now. There’s also quite a few hidden and secret items in the catalog. Here’s where they all are:

Band Stage

Click on the Gramaphone on the first page to get the Band Stage.


Wall Speakers

Click on the turntables on the DJ Table to get the Wall Speakers.



Guitar Stand

Click on the stone column to get the Guitar Stand.


LCD Television

Click on the flame on the bamboo torch to get the LCD Television.


Penguin Knight Sculpture

Click on the Medieval Banner to get the Penguin Knight Sculpture.


Picket Fence

Click on the corn stalk on the right in the garden to get the picket fence.



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