Penguin With Treasure Book Series 4 Clothes ;-^

Hey guys,check this out. Last night I was on the server Frozen at the Dock, and I found a penguin with Series 4 clothes! Here is his player card:


To confirm that was really Series 4 clothes, I looked for a video with the Treasure Book in it. And I found one!


9 Responses

  1. Hey, I’m Penguinkyo! Come to my party!

    When: 30th of July(thursday)
    Server: Frosty
    Where: Light House
    Time: 12:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time)
    Why: 5,000 hits

  2. Im Having A Party Please Come Here Is The Information
    Server: Fjord

    Place: Cove

    Time: 10:00 PST

    When: Thursday 30th July

    Why: Site Has 3000 Hits!

    Im Featuring Penguins

    Please Come,and Could You Spread The Word!

    ~Mrkrabs987 CPMC Blog Owner!

  3. yea i have been to sites where htey have seen this penguin to!!

    Fell free to comment back 🙂

  4. Hey thats MY player card! I was there and i saw you….wow! thx u posted me!

  5. yeah, he is a tester!

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