New Penguin Color, Festival of Flight, and Underwater Party Coming Soon!

The votes are in! The winner of the new Club Penguin color is…


Aqua is the new Club Penguin color! It will be available in the next Penguin Style catalog which comes out tomorrow. Here’s my challenge for you. Try to tell the difference between aqua and light blue. THEY LOOK THE SAME LOL.


The new Club Penguin room has unofficially been announced. It will be the Tallest Mountain, like we predicted. On August 14-18th Club Penguin will lift out of the water for the Festival of Flight! That’s right, we will be flying up with Jetpacks, balloons, propellers, and other crazy stuff. Gary says it will help us avoid the massive flood. Be ready to lift off on August 14th! Maybe we will get to meet Gary. All I know is that it totally rocks that Club Penguin is going to fly!


There are new upcoming events on Club Penguin. Look at the Underwater Adventure! I have a feeling that is the new party. Want to hear my theory on this? I was right about the last one, so who knows I might be right again.

What I think is that Club Penguin will flood and we all will have to go to the Tallest Mountain on August 14th until the 18th. Then, on August 21st I think Club Penguin will flood and we will have a party sort of like the Water Party except with a few changes. Did you notice how long it is though? Almost 20 days! That’s the longest party on Club Penguin by far


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  1. I will try and make it… Not Sure….

    ~Qx4 Penpal

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