party review

The party was the best one i ever had i didnt expect more than 4 people to come but there were over 8 people i recorded this lil vid here it is

We partied at the dock,mountain,lodge,ice burg,mine shack,cove and the dogo almost all of clubpenguin oh and amber dollys igloo
the people at the party were dry bones ashley di Amber Amanda ,lewis class ,mr krabs,gh and i for got any ways i will have more parties dont worry if u missed this one


10 Responses

  1. cool! that party was ice

  2. WHAT! You didnt even add my name! I was the first person there!

    HOW MEAN! : (

  3. midori i am sure HE is sorry, he said he forgot some

  4. Who won the membership you said?

  5. i will post it its for anyone

  6. i missed it im sorry!

  7. I missed to round two 😦 When did you post it? I didn’t even see it.

  8. i’m comin to ur next partee 4 sure πŸ˜‰

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