Club Penguin Festival of Flight

Post image for Club Penguin Festival of Flight


The Club Penguin Festival of Flight party has begun! It’s a huge party on Club Penguin organized by Gary the Gadget Guy, who is raising the entire island into the air in an attempt to fix the leaking windows in the underground pool. There are lots of fun things to do at the festival and a few free items that you can get. First, the free items!

Green Propeller Cap

All penguins, including non-members, can get the green propeller cap in the Plaza. The caps are in a large box in the lower-right corner. If you wear only the cap and do your dance move (press the D key on your keyboard), your penguin will hover in the air.


Jet Pack

Members can head to the forest to go on a hot air balloon ride! When you arrive at the tallest mountain at the end of the ride, you can get the jet pack. The same hover trick works for the jet pack. Make sure it’s the only thing you’re wearing and then press the D key on your keyboard.


Other Cool Festival of Flight Stuff

The Balloon Ride

This is for members only. Go to the forest and step onto the balloon ride. It will take you on a short trip to the tallest mountain and you will be flying through the air! While you’re on the balloon ride you can click on the helium tanks or the sand bags to make the balloon rise and fall.



Go to the iceberg and you’ll see the main island floating in the air on a giant balloon.


Ski Hill

Go to the Ski Hill and click the red button on the Cloud Maker 3000. This will make special shaped clouds, like a duck, or a fish or even the Migrator.


The Beacon

Go to the Beacon (the top of the lighthouse) and look through the telescope to see all the special shape clouds floating by.


Underground Pool

There’s nothing really special going on here, but this room is why the whole festival of flight is taking place. Go check it out to see the construction in progress!



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