Club Penguin Issue #202!

Hello Penguins,

Rockhopper and The Fall Fair are comming soon! As many of us did noticed Rockhopper is comming September 4!


Yay! Fall fair will also start september 4! This is gonna be awesome cuz Rockhopper will be on the fair again!

Fall Fair:

Woot woot! Fall Fair is one of the best Fairs all over the Island. Penguins are getting ready to celebrate the fair with Rovkhopper!


So remember not to miss this Fall fair starting from September 4 – 13! This is gonna be awesome. I hope the teady bear its still on this year!

Rockhopper Comming:

Club Penguin gaved us too many clues Rockhopper was comming and guess what? He is! he will come as soon as the fall Fair Starts!


We will have a 100% accurated tracker so everyone can find him! Also dont forget to take out a piece of paper adn write it on it cuz this will be AWESOME!

Upcomming Events:

The Penguins That the Time Forgot will be comming again soon! Plus there are gonna be 2 hole new catalogs soon!


Well, remember to come back tomorrow to check out the latest cheat on the new Snow & Sports Catalog


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