Club Penguin Money Maker: Get Unlimited Coins on Club Penguin!

Whoa, my friend Chrisdog93 showed me this awesome Club Penguin money maker! I tried it on a bunch of my spare penguins and all of them got thousands of coins and didn’t get banned! If you want to get unlimited coins on Club Penguin, you should check out this video below:

Here’s how to get unlimited coins in Club Penguin by using a Club Penguin money maker:

1. Go to
2. Download the Windows or Mac money maker
3. Extract the money maker
4. Run the application
5. Type your username, password, and the amount of coins you want

Login to Club Penguin and you should see that you will have the amount of coins you selected! Also be sure to click here to subscribe to his Youtube channel and Twitter cause he is having a membership contest


5 Responses

  1. thank you you are the only one that worked.

  2. i have been looking for this for 3 days now.

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