Blue sweater back?


Guys my friend penguinkyo have found something really cool. There is a new opening window but that is not all. See the blue sweater?! Well i think you can buy it in the september’s Penguin style catalog!!!!And also see that pink penguin wearing those items? Well they might be in the september penguin style catalog too! This is ga na be the best party ever!!!! Thanks penguinkyo


10 Responses

  1. thats okay with me

  2. Can I please have a member penguin Pangy? I really really have always wanted one! BTW I love your always changing headers!

  3. FOr the love of cake give her one! Right now she is sharing mine with me and we split the igloo, But I really want my half back!

  4. Hey! Visit my friend Scikid’s Cool-it blog at

  5. I already have the blue hoodie. But I bet it will return in the catalog. All my rare stuff has 😦

  6. i need the blue sweeter becaus every one has it and my best friend has it but she wont tell 😦 so if you can put it in the catalog so we can get it please?:(

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