Club Penguin Fall Fair Free Item and Member Item Sneak Peeks!

Alright do you remember the post i said the purple and black  will be the free item well i take that back , you’ve probably the post similar to this on other Club Penguin blogs but this one is way different. The other sites are telling you that the items in the picture below will be free items:


I do not believe that these will be free items for all players of Club Penguin for two reasons. The first one is because these do not look like clothing for non members. This looks like clothing members may buy from a catalog. Plus this is a whole outfit. Club Penguin never ever would give away a whole outfit all in one party for non members.

My second reason is because right below the penguin with that outfit there is a message that says “Members: Visit the Great Puffle Circus!” This most likely means that Club Penguin is showing a sneak peek for the members only area instead of a sneak peek available for everyone. I believe that these items will be available in the Great Puffle Circus for members only. They maybe free items for members only like the Jetpack in the Fall Fair or they may be available in a catalog similar to the Music Jam.

I’m not even sure if these will be free items, but it does make some sense. What do you think?


2 Responses

  1. yup..
    ur right

  2. Hi pplz! I am having a party here is the info:
    Why: 600 hits!
    When: (Wednesday) September 2nd! 4:30 pm PST
    Where: Bobsled, Pool
    Who: Hmhsmfan and fans of the site!
    Rare penguin giveaway to random person who comes! More info at
    Yeah, IDK what those items will be…

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