Is Club Penguin Going to Stop Putting Hidden Items in Catalogs?

Update:Added some swfs check them out on the left side bar

Most of you guys know that the new Snow and Sports catalog doesn’t have any hidden item cheats in it. I’m really disappointed that there are no hidden items. Searching for hidden items is the best part about the new catalogs in my eyes.

It seems like Club Penguin is putting less and less hidden items in their catalogs. The Underwater Adventure play catalog and the series 4 treasure book didn’t have any hidden items either. This is really disappointing and hopefully is just a coincidence.


Do you think Club Penguin is cutting back on the number of hidden items they place or do you think that this is just a temporary thing? Please post a comment and tell us your opinion!

What I think is that Club Penguin may stop putting hidden items in catalogs besides the Penguin Style catalog, Better Igloos, and Igloo Upgrades. I can guarantee these will always have hidden items. I doubt that hidden items will never be seen in any catalog again, but it’s just something to keep in the back of your head 😉

UPDATE: Club Penguin will always have at least 2 cheats in the Penguin Style catalog. My friend mentioned that the viking helmets are hidden in every Penguin Style catalog. Good job!


6 Responses

  1. Hey! Is Back Up And running Please Help And visit! And Comment Every Once And Awhile Thanx! {Pup}

  2. yea, besides the vioking hats though who knows?

    Feel free to commennt back

    { i think this friday hsould make up for the sports catolog though : P

  3. pangy, if you want i can make you a header. just email me and i will reply back and make you one ;]

  4. Hmmmm… I hope there’s going to still be cheats!! It gives us something to blog about! Our sites wouldn’t be here without them! I hope that’s just a coincedience!
    Ps: Did they ever put hidden items in the Treasure Books?

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