Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #203

Hey guys,

The newspaper is cool today! It’s got a lot of information about the upcoming Fall Fair. Here are the things to look out for while reading the newspaper.

Fall Fair (September 4th) Tommorow :-D
From Septemeber 4th until September 13th, you will be able to play games to win tickets, then take your tickets to the ticket booth and buy prizes! The prize booth and the Puffle Circus (for members) will be located in the Forest.
the fair

What’s On Where At The Fair?!
On this page in the newspaper you can learn about what games will be in each room! Sounds pretty fun! Remember to click the image below to make it bigger!
whats on where

Word Search Puzzle Cheats
Click the picture to make it bigger
word search

Upcoming Events
Check It Out:
upcoming eventss

I’m so excited for tomorrow! Rockhopper is coming, and the Fall Fair kicks off. Don’t forget about the new Penguin Style catalog too! I will have all the cheats posted as soon as the update occurs And The Rockhopper Tracker Is Going To Be Up And Bigger Then Ever Check Back Soon For The Updates. And Your Chance To Meet Captain Rockhopper


One Response

  1. i am excited as well!

    i hope i cud meet rockhopper!
    heez gonna arrive 2morrow!


    i also cant wait 2 visit the fair!

    it’s gonna b fun!

    wooo-hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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