Fall Fair 09

The fall fair party is so awesome!!!!! You get so many items. You just have to play games earn tickets and then give your tickets for prizes.


You can find your tickets on the right top corner:

fall fair cheats 9-3-09

Go to the forest to get some prizes.

fall fair 09 cheats pic 2 9-3-09

They brought back 1 item which is the Feathered Tiara:

fall fair 09 cheats pic 3 9-3-09

Here are the prizes you can buy:

Feathered Tiara: 100 tickets

Cosmic Star Hat: 100 tickets

Cotton Candy Pin: 50 tickets

Fair Beacon Backround: 50 tickets

I love these new items.

Well there is more prizes to come so stay updated!

Now lets go to the Great Puffle Circus

First go to the Forest:

fall fair 09 cheats pic 4 9-3-09

Here’s how to get the member prizes and inside:

fall fair 09 cheats pic 5 9-3-09

They bought the teddy bear back. LOL it’s so cute.

fall fair 09 cheats pic 6 9-3-09

Now here are the prizes you can buy:

Teddy Bear: 200 tickets

Tent Igloo: 700 tickets

Circus Leader Hat: 110 tickets

Circus Leader Outfit: 300 tickets

Fair Backround: 50 tickets

Again Cool prizes rite!!

Ok Here’s inside the Puffle Circus and all the Puffles Acts:


Now here are all the Fall Fair 09 games,

Ring the Bell:


Memory Card Game:


Puffle Paddle:


Puffle Shuffle:


Feed a Puffle:


Puffle Soaker:


Balloon Pop:















Well that it is about it. Cheack the catalog page for the new catalog cheats. Thanks Gh for The Pics .


4 Responses

  1. Hey Pangy! My 30,000 hits party is today! I would love for you to come!

    Click Here for More Info:

  2. Thx for giving me credit! Some poeple copy me and dont give me credit! I get super mad about that! LOL!


  3. ANYONE THAT SEES THIS COMMENT PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ GO TO http://everythingclubpenguin911.wordpress.com/2009/09/05/rare-year-old-ninja-penguin-contest/ AND COMMENT SAYING ASHLEY DI BROUGHT ME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the Fall fair 09 is great!

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