New Club Penguin 2009 Norman Swarm has been Transformed Play, Secret Room, and Pin Cheats!

The new play, Norman Swarn has been Transformed has finally arrived to Club Penguin!


There is a new costume trunk, and a secret room for member’s only! The new stage is decorated like a jungle. Here’s a picture of what the Stage looks like:


There is a new costume trunk. Here is a picture of the cover:


There are no hidden item secrets in the Costume Trunk. There are also some pretty cool new effects on the Switchbox3000.

To go underground to the secret room, you have to stand on all of the rocks with X’s on them with at least 4 other penguins. Make sure that one of you are wearing a bug costume when you are doing this.

Here is a picture of the underground room:


Then when you get downstairs, you have to unlock the treasure chest to get the Magic Phial pin. To do this, get 4 penguins to stand on the X rocks. The treasure chest will open and you can get the magic phial pin!



What do you think of the new Club Penguin play at the Stage? Is it the biggest one ever, or do you think there has been better ones before?Thankyou Chrisdog for the pics


One Response

  1. Wow,
    Thats great. I stilll need the pin though…

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