The Ultimate Snow Maze Guide!

Well its here everyone! The wait is over! The Snow Maze is now OPEN! I had a load of fun doing it and I hope you do too. Well before we get started at the ski hill we have a free item:

So all you non members go get that now! Now the Snow Maze starts at the Ski Village. At the end there is a surprise. Its a secret room and a new outfit! To get to both you have to finish the maze. Before you go it is a good idea to open the map at the entrance because once your in you cant look at the map again. But don’t worry! We have a special map for you!

The red line’s on this map tell you the way to go! The red line is the path I took to finish! I recommend that path. If you wish not to do that there will be many Yeti Tour Guides on every server helping you! The end room looks like this:

Hey do you know what! I know the best place to play the snow maze! Play it on Yeti! Get it! Thank you Mattybons blog for the pics


5 Responses

  1. thanks for showing the way i wouldn’t have finished it if u didnt post that so thank you

    Your Fan,

  2. Thanks it helped ALOT!

  3. WOW~!!!!

  4. pangy, i dont mean to sound rude, but could i have a member penguin? the one you gave me before you had also given to about 3 other people…

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