New Club Penguin Mix N’ Match Figure 8 Pack & Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck!

There are some new Club Penguin toys available, including a new Mix N’ Match set that includes 8 figures! There is also a new Card-Jitsu Fire Trading Card Game Value Deck! First, here’s some of the figures that are included in the Mix N’ Match Figure 8 Pack.


If you look at the coin code in the middle, you’ll see a new design with 4 figures on it. It includes Squidzoid, Sensei, a Ninja, and Fairy. Now check out the new Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck.


The new Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck includes 23 game cards, 3 code cards, and 2 sticker sheets. Which toys are you looking forward to seeing in stores the most? The Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck or the Mix N’ Match sets including 8 figures?


2 Responses

  1. awesome i cant wait for the fire deck

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