New Club Penguin Catalog Spoiler!!!

Club Penguin will be releasing a new Puffle Furniture Catalog this Friday. This is going to be a really important update to our puffle loving owners due to the fact that this catalog is not updated often. Lucky enough, I was able to get a hold of some of the item’s being released . Check out the items in the picture below:

The first item appears to be a ‘Puffle Grooming Machine’. Maybe when you click your puffle to give it a bath, instead of  it jumping into a ‘pool’ it will go into this machine. Chances are, this effect will only happen if you have purchased this item. The Item next to the ‘Puffle Grooming Machine’ is a ‘Gerbil Ball’ but in this case you could call it a ‘Puffle Ball’. This item will give your puffle a new way to play. If we buy this item do you think it will allow us to use it while walking our pets? Since questions still do remain, We do have a lot to look forward to this Friday. However, As you can see from the item spoilers above… This Catalog is going to be… Puffletastic!


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