Clubpenguin Book Codes

In this page, I will give you some codes to get a book item and 1500 coins.

But first, let’s see what you have to do to get those prizes.

Step 1: Go on

Step 2: Click on the “unlock items online” badge


Step 3: Login with your penguin

Step 4: Click “I have a book”

Step 5: Choose the book which the code belongs on

Step 6: Search for the question on this page and enter it. If you can’t find the question keep clicking “Go back” and do again steps 4 and 5, until a question that is here appears.

Step 7: Get your prizes!

Here are the codes for the book: THE ULTIMATE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO CLUB PENGUIN


Q: Page 9

A: Sometimes

Q: Page 35

A: Misses

Q: Page 40

A: Examples

Q: Page 62

A: Pictures

Q: Page 63

A: How

Q: Page 64

A: Fishing

Q: Page 65

A: Storage

Q: Page 71

A: Seats

Q: Page 71

A: Musical

Q: Page 73

A: Search

Q: Page 75

A: Tossing

Q: Page 77

A: Buying

Q: Page 101

A: Donated

Q: Page 117

A: Jerseys

Q: Page 118

A: Squads

Q: Page 140

A: Breeze

Q: Page 141

A: Combined

Q: Page 143

A: Secret

Q: Page 154

A: Arena

Q: Page 155

A: Queen

Q: Page 156

A: Small

Q: Page 169

A: Start

Q: Page 171

A: Annual

Q: Page 175

A: Crown

Q: Page 176

A: Item

Q: Page 179

A: Penguins

Q: Page 182

A: Actions

Here are the codes for the book: STOWAWAY ADVENTURES AT SEA


Q: Page 1

A: Stowaway

Q: Page 6

A: Mysterious

Q: Page 7

A: Rockhopper

Q: Page 21

A: Migrator

Q: Page 25

A: Yarr

Q: Page 40

A: Waterfall

Q: Page 52

A: Deck

Q: Page 80

A: Penguin

Q: Page 177

A: Puffle


Here are the codes for the book:THE INVENTOR’S APPRENTICE


Q: Page 5

A: Board

Q: Page 5

A: Good

Q: Page 6

A: Plans

Q: Page 6

A: Extreme

Q: Page 7

A: Where

Q: Page 8

A: Round


Here are the codes for the book: SECRET AGENT’S HANDBOOK


Q: Page 5

A: Matter

Q: Page 5

A: Fashions

Q: Page 5

A: Give

Q: Page 5

A: Decides

Q: Page 30

A: Super

Q: Page 80

A: Messages





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  1. Thnx 4 da info u really hlped alot

  2. does it work y dont ya just give us codes =i

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