My rare Clubpenguin Clothes







9 Responses

  1. wow! some of this stuff is rare? cool cause i have a lot if not most of it. and if i dont have it, i was there for it, just not a member

  2. Do you mean even if we get the code for your amber dolly no.1 fan banner someone website get shut down if they have that banner? I’m new to wordpress so i’m not copying your website!



  3. I’m attempting to read this in the revision of the google chrome web browser and the header looks rather cut up. I’d advise you take a look.

  4. pangy um the member i won has somewon still playing on it and changing my home and my clothes!!
    PLZ tell him /her to cut it out bc i took time to do that commenting contest so i dont want him/her to go on MYY PENGUIN

    PS. im won of your biggest fan i love this website<3!!

  5. I’m happy you shared the cheats with us!

  6. thx for sharing the cheats with us!

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