The Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Ultimate Guide! How to find free items + Members only Puffle Show!

Today Club Penguin launched the Puffle Party 2010! This party is really cool and one of my favorites. I’ve actually adopted 3 Puffles so I could take part in this event with them. Anyways, This party is awesome and has a surprise for members only along with free items! So, Let’s check it out!

Let’s start with the free items. The first free item can be found at the Plaza. To get to the  Plaza, Open your map and click on the Plaza! Now, You are at the Plaza and you have found the first free item! It’s a Puffle Hat!

Make sure you pick it up!

The second free item is located in a special room for members only. This room is called the Puffle Show. To get to the Puffle Show, go to Ski Village. Once you’re there, Enter the Puffle Show Tent!

Once you’ve entered… You’re inside the awesome Puffle Show! Isn’t this room super cool? It’s my favorite members only room! I like it a lot and am definitely going to hangout here with my puffle a lot!


The room is so cool! Don’t you agree? However, I wish everyone was able to enter this room, not just member penguins! Anyways, Once you’re inside this room you can get the second free item! The second free item is A Puffle Jacket.


Awesome! Make sure to pick this item up!

And that’s all of the free items for this party! Isn’t the party puffletastic! My favorite part of this party is the Puffle Show. However, If I had to pick a room that everyone could go in… Then I’m a big fan of the pool in the cave! Now that’s radical! What is your favorite part of this party? Do you have a favorite room? Let me know in a comment!Thanks Jmann93 for the Pics


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